My blues

Ironic! I want to write and can't use my own language. That's quite a good start. Sorry about it, no right keyboard, so, no right feelings, I mean, it's not they're not right, they're just not well expressed. I wish I could say many things to the world today. Ok, that may sound a little too much (To the world! Sometimes I can't even communicate with the ones around me) But I can't even write in my own words, consequently, I can't talk to the world either. Today I spoke with an old friend. We had been apart, maybe because we just couldn't stand ourselves and each other anym0re. I think we're getting back together, that's a good sign for today. I bought a new book. It's about an island and a trip, it expresses my will of going away for a while. Away from these looks sorrounding me everyday, and from those fake smiles, they hurt me so bad!Away from the things I already Know or that I think I know. So, I ran away. So me. I haven't attended work today. And I don't even regret. I 'm not even sorry. I know tomorrow I may feel a certain amount of guilt, but it's fine. It's been ages since I Know myself as a good girl...Today I read a love letter hidden inside a book. An old love letter. Once I read or heard somewhere that we should keep our love letters. I kept this one. But it was only because I forgot it there. It made me think about the past and how much I prefer now. Today I heard a "no". We have to move on...right? But just let me, for today, be quiet, read, eat something really good, make love , pray, and talk to myself, once I can't shout at the world and release what's inside. That's why Art exists. I feel better, by the way.There you go, world, a little sample of "art", without worries. Come on, right now I wish I could only write in Portuguese, such a beautiful language.
Sorry for ignoring some(really sorry),
Sorry for wrong decisions,
Sorry for not being there today girls,
Sorry about the English

This too shall pass